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Hwy 4

hwy 4 still ice and snow on the lake

alot of snow just on the roadside


We left Fairbanks around 9:00 it was already up to 70 degrees, stopped by McDonalds on the way out and got our last tea for a while (unless we make it) we traveled up Richardson Hwy back to Delta Junction and S on 4 going into Paxson where we went S on 8 The Denali Hwy, we had never traveled this road before but knew it was going to be 90% gravel, but wanted to experience it anyway, and shortly after leaving town it did and was extremely dusty, we passed several Cruise buses and actually more traffic than I thought, it took us 4 hours to drive about 80 miles going 20 miles per hour, we stopped at a lodge to get some coffee and a couple working there had been to Fort Myers and all around the area, we have seen 4 moose, a caribou and a few white swans on our drive today, we decided to pull into a cleared spot around 6:00 pm, so tonight we are going to rough it, no hookups, but we have beautiful snow top mountain views, and it is so peaceful, once we got into the RV I started setting stuff up and noticed EVERYTHING in side is covered with dust, boy do we have a job tomorrow when we stop, I cooked shepards pie and then we played a game of Dominos and Buddy won again. Temperature got up to 87.

Ending mileage 48322 we traveled 251 miles in 9 hours.

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