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mistress saucelicious watchin the display



















scarves lou bought on way back down

quick lunch back at the hostel before we went to expensive decadenceville


poshville thermal pools......sweetness














wazzing herself with excitement







started off in a minibus with 4 other people and a cute but awful tour guide. we headed up to the canyon with some annoying french chick demanding we stop every 5 seconds to take pics of the same valley...bearing in mind theres a 2 hour time window when the condors do their flying...i got out and 'had a word' with the tour guide about getting a fuckin move on. when i got back in the van louise asked what he had said, i said he tried to distract me from point by pointing out all the different colours in my hair, she said i should have told him his face was goni be different colours if he didnt get a move on. this from the woman ive spent the last 4 weeks sedating the hate for! so we eventually got up there and have to admit, as is probably obvious by the inability to narrow the pics down to a small handful (well actually this is a small handful compared to the ones i took) they were pretty spectacular. they put on a real show, they obviously love the attention. after, we went for a cheapo lunch before headin to fancypantsville, our one expensive night at the lodge spa place with the outdoor thermal pools. thermal pooling, a (shit) massage, yummy tea then more thermal pooling under the stars. fully excellent. and a comfy bed in a warm room...woohoo! thermal pooling again after breakfast before we got booted out and headed back to chivay for the bus back to arequipa

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