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I wanted to check out the last of the 5th wheels we didn't see yesterday, so we went over and looked at them, then one more pass through the vendor tent. I found an interesting tool that is supposed to clean your floors, but most importantly, pull dog fur out of the carpets - had to have one, but they give you a second "for free" to walk around with it as advertising. ;-)

Mom found a cool patio light that she liked, so we came away satisfied that we'd done our part to make the event worthwhile for the vendors.

Then it was lunchtime and we decided to brave the fairgrounds food court. For $6.75 they had the most humongous fried fish (yep, haddock!) sandwich and all three of us got one. How do they make any money on these?!?! Each piece of fish had to be close to have a pound! Yummmy!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty dull as we sat in a question and answer session whose purpose changed by the time we got there. Then it was the raffle prize distribution for 2 hours...and we didn't win anything....oh, well.

Back to the trailer for a rest, then off to the fairgrounds for this evening's entertainment: REBA!!! She was awesome and the band was spectacular. I was surprised at how few songs I knew, but enjoyed them all anyway.

Back to the trailer for the 9:30 fireworks and we were treated to a second fireworks show at the same time from something going on several miles away. Very nice!

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