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Hooray-time to board.

All aboard!!

Plane rides are fun.

Getting bored - time for a quick Miss Murphy impersonation.

Ahh - nice clouds.

Plane ride number 2 - LA to Las Vegas.

Getting close to the desert.

Dinner day 1 - MGM's finest delicacies.

Dinner day 1 - MGM's finest delicacies.

Well, the day is finally here at we are bound for the USA. We began nice and early leaving home at 7.30 and it was a chilly 8 degrees. We said good bye to our boys (John and Archie) and were off to the airport. Our first of four for the day. The first leg of our trip being Sydney to Melbourne was easy peasy. Bags checked through and all we had to do was go through customs at Sydney. It was really rather fun.

From Sydeny we hopped on the big Boeing plane- complete with in flight entertainment units. It was movies, kids shows and computer games much of the way. There was a little sleep thrown in for good measure! Landing in Los Angeles we then had a few hours to wait to catch our next flight to Las Vegas. The airport in LA was pretty "different" and the grown ups in this equation were starting to wilt from lack of reasonable sleep! No I mean literally wilting in the chairs while waiting for the next flight! It was rather embarrassing!

Arrive Las Vegas- the final leg of our trip saw all of us feeling a little sick and just as the plane was about to land we had to do another lap in the air to be safe to land.....we felt reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy blah!

Out of the plane and into some fresh air- and it was 41degrees. What a change we had just experienced. From winter in Melbourne to the middle of the desert. Whew.

Our hotel is the MGM Grand and is really big. Complete with the golden Lion in the foyer. Lots of poker machines everywhere. Some really great food places (Wolfgang Puck features in our photos for today. ---Schum best day ever!) there are four, yep four pools, and some adults walk around drinking big slushies lots of the time. We had a swim and dinner and went back to the room to get some sleep. Even thought it was midnight Aussie time. All together an exhausting but fun trip. Fletch's favourite thing was the in flight entertainment. Lucy's favourite was the in flight entertainment and Charlie's least favourite thing was the last leg of our trip into Las Vegas which made her go so white that her lips seemed to disappear.

That is all for day one- the beginning of our big adventure. Let's hit Vegas!!

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