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View from hotel in Siberia

Arrived in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia by train and have to say it is not what I imagined. Here we are in the middle of Siberia, the weather is warm and humid, in a city of over a million people. We will see the city later today and walk along the river. Right now we are a bit wiped out and looking forward to a bed that fits our bodies and has some give to it. The train beds on this last train were quite narrow and Dick's arms kept flopping off. He slept through it though.....me on the other hand....well not so much. So a hotel bed looks luxurious to me right now.

Krasnoyarsk was established basically by people exiled to Siberia by various regimes. It boasts many cultural sites, is near Stolby National Park with unusual geology features, and the city is noted for its many fountains.

As the trains do not have wi-fi we catch up with news back home when we get to a hotel. So I have learned about a wedding, twins arriving, A graduation and a few birthdays. Congrats to the Lewis Family, The Morley family, Kellen, my nephew, and birthday gals, Amy and Angel from Siberia!

Will let you know how our city walk goes later......

Update....the city walk was postponed until tomorrow due to the heat and humidity...this is Siberia afterall. We are also staying at a Stalinist style hotel (in architecture) which has construction going on.....basically 7 floors right below us....wouldn't be too bad but there is no air conditioning in the hotel so we have to open our windows. There is a nice breeze, warm but nice. Did I mention that there is a major rotary right outside where the busiest city bridge and another huge boulevard come together....bumper to number non-stop traffic....should be fun sleeping tonight! All part of the experience....

Today at a late lunch I asked the waitress for a margarita. It was on their menu. It took and I do mean it took 6 waitstaff to figure out how to make the drink....Quite entertaining actually. I should have known there might be a problem when they had to search for the right kind of glass and get on a step stool to reach behind three rows of bottles for the tequila but heh....I thought how bad could it be right...wrong. When the drink arrived it only took up about one third of the glass (typical margarita glass). She proudly told me that she used tequila, Cointreau and a fair amount of lemon juice....lemon juice for the mix....not margarita mix but real lemon juice. Did I tell you that Dick has a stomach of steel.....I settled for a Baileys.

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