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Turret house B&B

how do you know you're in England?

Travelling companions

Didnt get to have the beer, but could use the bottles!

on my list of places to go

Gatwick waiting 20 mins for airport security to come to take handover papers and so let us out of the plane into the terminal.

Another 20 + to walk to border control. Through that within 10 (must be a record?)

Picked up by B&B car

Had trouble sleeping without rocking boat and noise of engine!

After a big full English breakfast it was off to the station and with Jenny and Bevans 'how to' information, got myself a Senior rail card. The girl said she was going to get me through fast so I didnt miss train to Reading as it went only once an hour. Didn’t ask for ID or for age proof (alright. she just had to look at me!!) . Gave Matts address. British Rail will start to think he and Sherie are running a +60’s establishment! Or a nursing home?

As we travelled along I realised that something that England had that was different to Norway 9tierh than materials used for houses, was the chimney pots!

To Penzance

My ticket could not get reserved seat because of the time of purchase. Ticket officer thought there'd be plenty of seats so it would be OK. Wrong!! Very full.

The only spare seat I could see had two seats on each side of a table, on one side a youngish man with computer. On other two oldies with 6 x 500 ml bottles of beer on table in front of them. Beggars can’t be chosers so I took the one free seat. Eventually the young man he went for walk and came back to say he could get better wireless reception in next coach; so he moved. That left 3 of us, and except for a short time, the 4th seat remained free for the next 4 hours or so. Think the beer helped! It was a great trip! The two seniors (60+)were on the Ale Trail. The train company had come up with the idea and links with pubs in various parts of country. You get a card, get on the train on whichever trail or part thereof that you want. Have a drink at each of the listed pubs in the area, and get your card stamped. You can take as long as you like but when all pubs on the trail have given you a stamp you get a T shirt.

Their 3 bottles each lasted them the whole of the 5.5 hour trip. Then they got onto me. Where was I going? How long was I staying? Where was I going next?. When I said Wales to the latter question, out came the Iphone. How could I get there? Well Man A checked for an hour, with suggestions from B (remember we had poor wireless reception, so often had to wait for slow down near stations to get downloaded info.) We went from trains with 3 maybe 4 changes!! Then down to 2 changes, but that was a very, very, very long trip. Then onto buses, at which time batteries had run down (and the train was taking charge FROM his phone rather than into it!!) so finally what I had was two options for further investigation which lead to them checking internet access in Newlyn! I had assumed info centre or library. Checked on the internet NO library unless I walked/bussed to Penzance, or maybe the pub. Were there pubs here? Check…yes!! Will the pub have public WiFI? will let you know!

Loads of people got on and off, no one bothered us. The beer seemed to do the trick, even though they were very quiet and civilised. Just the bottles was enough! Took a photo of them, very pregnant lady over the aisle took a photo of me. Then using A’s phone I took a photo of them. Great friends by the time we arrived, BUT I didn’t know their name, they didn’t know mine, and I cant let them know if I should ever make it to Caernarfon! I don’t know they even knew where I came from, at first they assumed I’d be going back to Aussie accent doesn’t work too well, not many people realise that’s what it is!

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