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Hi folks.

Welcome to today’s episode.

To be honest, by comparison, it has been a quiet day. Not a good sleep night and I got up at 5.30, still feeling tired, but it was best foot forward and into the shower. Feeling more refreshed, I did a bit of packing and sorted my paperwork for the day ahead.

The hotel had booked a taxi for me to take me the 105 km from Kampot to Sihanouk Ville but it wasn’t due until 11.00. Plenty of time for breakfast! I am cutting down on food now ;) otherwise I shall be putting on weight. I had omelette and bacon with French bread and as on previous day’s, juice for the healthy option.

Even after breakfast there was time to take a stroll after finishing packing. Camera over shoulder, I wandered to the upper level of Riki Tiki Tavi and sat overlooking the river with a road in front. It was the river with the old bridge and it is very wide. It started to rain and I practiced my panning technique, capturing people on bikes with an array of rain protectors. – see pics.

It was back to hotel, settle my account and make my fond farewells. They really had looked after me here and I was very grateful for all of their attention. The taxi arrived and I was off, with staff waiving me bye bye.

The journey to Sihanouk Ville took about an hour and a half and by my maths we arrived at about 12.30. I was shown to my room and a porter deposited my luggage. Again, I have no quarrels with the room which is more than adequate for my 2 night stay. I unpacked and thought of throwing everything in the case next time and just rummaging for what I need, but that is never going to happen. After unpacking was done, I put my feet up on the bed for a while but didn’t sleep so I got up and took a tuk tuk to the local market.

It was a big market crammed with stalls and alleyways between them just wide enough for 2 people to pass. Not the place for animal lovers though, as at one end there were various live animals for sale. I didn’t look too closely as I am an animal softie! Whilst at the market, I wanted to purchase some flip flop type shoes as I really need something I can get wet and know they will dry off in no time. My trainers from yesterday’s soaking are still soaking! I think they should dry out by the time I go home. I also thought it may be an idea to get an umbrella to protect my cameras more than anything. Shoes I found and after a bit of haggling paid $10. See pic. You know what a dress icon I am so comments on my latest purchase would be appreciated as would the price paid. (I await a barrage of adverse comments but hey ho if they do a job!). Not sure what Judy will think when she is back from her trip to Italy with her sister. They had some great umbrellas but I wasn’t sure if they would fit in my suitcase. They had smaller ones for $4 but they were a bit girlie and not big enough for the camera and me. I bought a bit of pepper instead, seemed a good trade off (can’t eat an umbrella!)

It was now 4.45 and a very very black sky looming so I summoned a tuk tuk for the 10 min return journey. After about 4 the heavens opened and driver pulled over, adorned a cape and rolled the sides down on the tuk tuk, then we were off again. Bearing in mind I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and didn’t fancy going out in the rain, I settled for fried fish and wedges at the hotel. It was fine but not as good as the Torbay in Hythe! I am now back in my room blogging away and I recon by 8.00 it will be done. If I had any energy I would go to the shop advertising back and neck massages as back is aching again tonight. I have a desk and a stool but one or other is the wrong height! I don’t fancy going out again so it’s probably an early night. The itinerary I had hoped to do tomorrow is looking doubtful. I was going to Ream National Park to do a day trip which included trekking and a boat ride but with rain forecast, jungle trekking doesn’t seem such a good idea.

I may settle for the beach instead and you never know, stop off for a back massage.

Well that’s about it! I will try and be more adventurous in future!

Take care back home and I will catch up again tomorrow.


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