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Jasmine bush at Tolstoy's house

Turandot Restaurant

The dessert - Mango Gypsy

One for Kriss from the new Tretyakov Gallery

One of the beautiful train stations

Last day in Moscow started with a visit to Leo Tolstoy's Moscow home seeing how he and the family lived. It is set in a lovely garden which he tended and loved for strolling and the interior has been preserved, including table settings and tea set. His study shows his chair with legs cut down so his eyes were close to the desk as his sight was so bad.

Lunch for us was not quite as planned but the substitute restaurant - Turandot - proved to be the most opulent setting with beautifully presented food. The dessert brought gasps as it came in Heston Bl. style with "smoke" pouring out from the under container. The dessert itself had paper thin slices of mango atop an Italian meringue under which was a kiwi fruit ice cream under which was small pieces of fruit in a delicious syrup. Look at the photo to get some idea of the setting. We were in a separate room closed off by curtains.

Then to the new Tretyakov Gallery which houses the art works 1900 on. Very interesting to see the control of art which had to reflect the interest of the state post 1917 revolution.

The long promised Metro "crawl" followed with us hopping on and off to admire the architecture and decoration at six different stations. By seven O'clock we were off to dinner at Leningradskaya Hilton Hotel - it has been set in one of Stain's seven sisters high rise buildings - again spectacular - and dinner was beautifully presented. Really too much beautiful food in one day as we then staggered to our train for the overnight trip to Novgorod sharing a cabin with Barbara in a very cosy space once luggage stowed but quickly brought tea by our conductor and settled down for the night.

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