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Bas relief of Lenin

Major intersection

Lenin statue

War memorial


Established in the early 1700's Yekaterinburg has an interesting history. Yesterday I blogged about the Romanov's, today about more recent times. This city is located in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. The area is very rich in minerals especially iron ore and ores for hardening steel. It really began to develop as a city once the importance of these minerals became known. A city of app. 1.5 million people it boasts fine universities, theatre, ballet, opera and major industry. In fact we noted signs for such performers as Elton John and Sting. Who would have guessed!

In the early 1900's the Bolshevik's were very strong in this area and one can see this in building art and statues. Lenin abounds around every corner but is not seen so much in Moscow or St. Petersburg. As this was a "city of working people" it makes sense I guess. Sadly, the Bolshevik's tore down or burned down many churches and other important cultural buildings which are now just being restored.

Tonight we board the Trans-Siberian railroad heading into Siberia. We will be riding the rails for two days so I suppose we will now begin to consume some of the foods we brought along. The train food is just ok but not great at all. Dick has fallen in love with a beverage called Kvass, a soft drink and the train has a nice version....they are versions are not all the same.

Thus far we have met many many nice people. We have not had any problems really because of their helpfulness. Our impressions of our travels has been most positive. Our perceptions of Russia have certainly been altered on many levels.

Before I end for today, I want to comment on the statue of the soldier kneeling in the pic attached. This statue and memorial area is dedicated to those men and women who died in the app. 10 year war Russia had with Afghanistan. It was a very sobering area and left us wondering when we will be building our statues and memorials to this war for our soldiers.......

We will not have wi-fi connectivity for a few days so until then.......

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