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Taken last night at about 11 as Helen and i wandered around...

Outside a KGB building

Lunch in a Stalin Restaurant

Market - just one of many doll stalls

Outside Stalin's bunker - entrance to road linking to the Kremlin

Inside Stalin's bunker

A very different day starting with lining up to visit the tomb of Lenin; the tomb is located at the wall of the Kremlin but in Red Square. Lenin's body was supposedly preserved by a secret method and I must say that for a man dead since 1924 he's looking remarkably good. There is great speculation as to whether it is his actual body and aslo debate as he is now buried above ground - usually only for saints.

Lunch then was at an old Stalin era restaurant which has been carefully preserved. joining us was Valerie a fromer colonel in the KGB and now director of teh KGB museum - currently under renovation. Following lunch he spoke to us via an interpreter about various spies Russian and other nationalities and about some spy techniques. He was very willing to take questions and also spoke of the value of the information from the agents in teh fight against terrorism saying that Russia had warned the US about the two people arrested for the Boston bombing but the US had rejected the advice.

Interestingly as soon as this man started to talk with us a band struck up below making it a little difficult to hear him but also making it impossible to record what he said; interestingly the bank stopped playing and disappeared just as he finished his talk! Are we becoming paranoid. he did say that all phones can be listened to.

We were to have visited the underground bunker of the KBG - 22 floors underground but the lift is out of operation. Instead after a look at a market we visited Stalin's bunker - this was disguised from above by a stadium - quickly built because the Germans did not attack sporting facilities and only just underground. Very interesting to hear and see this piece so well preserved.

I've not had time to down load photos today so will ad them later; and speaking of photos apparently for some of you they are appearing "sideways". Apparently if viewed on an iPad they are the right way but not on a PC - don't know about a Mac.

After a last day in Moscow we board teh train tomorrow night for an overnight trip to Novgorod. Doubt that I'll have WiFi there but hopefully St Petersburg will see me back on line.

Thanks for your comments - Its good to know that I'm sharing.

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