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Drivers view of red muddy road

looking back

View as we travel

Salt pans outside Kampot

my hotel La Java Bleue - see next few pics

La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

inside La Java Bleue

Ice in your coke?

petrol in your tank?

Cant resist shutters

House for sale - any offers?


going cheap !!

the oldbridge in Kampor - destroyed by Khmer rouge then patched up

the oldbridge in Kampor - destroyed by Khmer rouge then patched up

Panini in Riki Tiki Tavi - lovely place - see next pics

Riki Tiki Tavi

Riki Tiki Tavi

Riki Tiki Tavi

Prison - grim - dont go there!

Governors shack - slightly better than prison!

Bokor mountain - tomorrows trip

Fishing on the river

My dinner guest

My dinner guest

my sumptuous meal

More dinner guests

Good morning folks.

Unusual as it is so far, I am starting the blog at 7.30. Not the best of nights sleep. It was pouring torrents all night and what with the a/c unit deciding to sing to me, it wasn’t good for sleep. (I can hear the odd comment ‘I bet it was all that food lying on his stomach’ but not true!).

Every cloud as they say has a silver lining and I am sitting here feeling chuffed with myself. Yes I did leave packing till this morning and there seemed an impossible amount to get in my suitcase as there were several souvenirs adding to the load. Drastic action needed! Everything out and a total repack called for. I must say I’m pretty good at packing and within 40 min everything was stowed neatly away. I did have to make use of the zip able expander but that’s what it there for. I still do have 3 bags though, instead of the original 2, so my final pack will be interesting.

Its 9.00 now and still raining, although it has considerably eased off. I’m asking the transport gods to meet up with the weather gods to give me a good dry journey to Kampot this morning. Lim should be arriving in half an hour and I am all ready to go.

OK I’ll pack computer away and get my case into reception ready for the off – catch up later.

It’s now 15.50 and a quick update on the day so far. Lim picked me up as agreed and, yes the weather god decided to make the rain stop. Can my luck last I ask! Although the rain had stopped my luggage inside the tuk tuk looked a bit venerable to any major splashes on the road. We set off travelling very uneventfully on a tarmac road for 20 min or so until the tarmac ran out. This was a totally different ball game now. The dirt road was brick red slush and It amazed me that we were still moving at all. There were the ever present pot holes (nearer craters in places) that Lim did his best to avoid. Thankfully the traffic was light and we progressed steadily if not at any speed. When a large vehicle did come the other way, Lim pulled as far over as he could and thankfully, I only suffered a few red splashes. We slithered to the outskirts of Kampot where we turned off for Lim to show me a large area of salt pans. It’s out of season now but in the dry period the work there is dreadful. Very very hot and strenuous. I took a few pics and we were back on our way.

We arrived at the hotel at about 11.00 and what a fantastic surprise. Unashamed luxury!! Without a doubt the best looking building in Kampot and take a look at the inside! There are only 3 rooms and I have the French room. You can check the place out by pasting this link into your browser: http://www.lajavableue-kampot.fr/index_eng.html. You even get music!

Dragging myself out of the hotel after unpacking, I took a load of washing to reception. They say it should be back sparkling some time tomorrow. I then set out on a couple of hour walk, stopping first a short distance from the hotel to refuel. Donna, who was a partner in the hotel and Australian, recommended Riki Tiki Tavi so there I stopped for a Panini with proper chicken – no bones and it was great. Energy levels up I walked up and down the towns streets in grid formation, only stopping when stair rods started falling from the sky. Time to try out my new poncho. Disaster! Well part disaster. Trying to get it over my head it split (and no comments out there please). Luckily I was sheltering under a hotels car port as it took me ages to fathom out what fixed where. I eventually struggled into it and made sure the camera at least was dry. (Note for Sue – I never did get one of those cheap plastic waterproof camera covers – silly me). I arrived back in hotel and spent about an hour or so pottering on the comp and when the rain had eased I was off again. I ventured onto new ground taking a few pics as I went. I walked past the Governor’s residence, a nice little shack and that was in stark contrast to the prison which looked like somewhere out of a nightmare movie. Definitely not a place to end up in. Then more stair rods. This time I ran to an archway at the front of a large building and sheltered with several young locals. It offered partial protection and we were all stranded there for about 20 min. With my 2nd rate poncho on again I ventured out in a heavy drizzle and at least it was keeping my camera dry again. On the way back I came across a football team training inside a fenced off area about a quarter of a pitch size. They must have been a decent team as there were lots of people watching and I tagged along for 10 min or so. They were a skilful bunch and I must remember to tell Charlton to send a scout over!

Back in the hotel I showered and changed into some decent clothes as I didn’t want to let the side down at the best hotel in town. I needn’t have worried as I sat in the restaurant at the front with only a couple of cute cats and about a dozen geckos for company. The food was sumptuous, wonderful and superb and any other superlatives you can think of. One of the best meals I have EVER eaten. It was a mixture of grilled seafood (lots of different types) with green beans, diced potato, sliced carrot, fried onion/mushroom, cooked in olive oil and lots of garlic. There were a couple of sauces but not sure what. And French bread. It turns out that the hotel owner Jon Claude, is French and also a chef. That explains a lot!! I finished the meal off with a crème Brule. Heaven!

Well, that’s about it for today but I have a very full day booked for tomorrow but ill keep you waiting for the details.

I’ll have a reasonably early night around 10.30 ish and catch up with you all tomorrow.

Till then, enjoy the rest of your day and I hope the sun is shining for you.


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