Sue's UK Russia and beyond trip 2013 travel blog

Main Uni building

War Memorial - Note how St George has cut up the dragon

Outside our lunch restaurant

Cathedral square just a few of the gilded domes

Tsar bell which never rang

Horse fountain near the indoor horse training building

Started the day with a bus tour around one of the outer ring roads looking at the various buildings including the university which has 40,000 students. Uni set in forested area. View over city from Sparrow Hill. Then to the Kremlin. Tight security as we entered - our bags searched and we went through detection machinery and most managed to set it off . why we don'r know and we were waved through. Went first to view the State diamond collection - glittering magnificence including the crown designed for Catherine the Great. Unfortunately no photos. Also a collection of gold "nuggets" and raw diamonds mined in Russia. The collection dates from the time of Peter the Great in 1719. Earrings were so heavy with jewels that they had to be hooked over the ears.

One brooch - very large - in shape of bunch of flowers made with various jewels had spaces to which could be added fresh flowers.

Lunch then in a Ukrainian restaurant - Spring salad/ Borscht/ Potato dumplings/ cream sponge.

Rolled out back to the Kremlin - this time no check of bags - guard said he was tired! This time to the armoury - not a collection of armour but the treasury of the state - again no photos. Saw Faberge eggs / the magnificent coronations dresses worn once and then donated to the state, carriages including the one of which I'd seen the model in the V& A.. icon frames riches galore. Then to Cathedral Square , the Bell Tower of Ivan teh Terrible plus the largest bell and the largest canon.

Walking home we all decided to visit the Hotel Metropole - an Art Nouveau building where we had a drink and were treated right royally for our one drink.

Now in the hotel adjoining ours where WiFi is free -more about hotel slater

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