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I just wanted to write a quick update saying I passed the Japanese driving test. I am now am the proud owner of a Japanese license. :) It was a grueling process that took months, but now it's finally over and I'm so happy!

On another note, I'll add an amusing short story that happened to me this evening. I was taking the garbage out to my car to go throw it away and when I opened my apartment door I felt something brush my leg. My neighbor has three cats and I saw the white one standing nearby, so I thought she was the one who had brushed my leg. Sometimes he lets them out on the balcony when he smokes his cigarettes, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Anyway, when I got back inside my apartment, I was startled to see a black shape moving near my PS2. It was Gin, one of my neighbors cats. Apparently, Gin was the thing that brushed my leg when I went outside to take out the trash and he had gone inside my apartment when I surprised him.

I told my neighbor his cat was in my apartment and the two of us chased the frightened Gin around my apartment until my neighbor could finally grab him. Gin is a very shy cat and skittish, so it took a while. It was a fun little diversion though and quite unexpected.

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