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A travel day. Up at 5:00 AM and to the front desk to pay the bill and take the bus to the airport. It had rained all night so lots of water on the road and potholes everywhere. Finally got to the airport – bones a bit rattled – and checked in. Met Mary and Molly again – they were taking the next flight. We boarded without incident and got to Port Moresby at 8:30… and out bags did not appear. The place was empty so we contacted the agent and filled out a variety of form. Bummer.

As we were finishing up there came Mary and Molly on the next flight from Kokopo. We were explain our issue and – there came our bags! The agent was quite surprised and we were quite pleased! Then over to the international terminal and got checked in with no issues. Then we hung around the airport… Lunch room – gift shops – not much. Luckily we only had to wait 8 hours.

When they called our flight and we went it we found no one had told us that we needed to fill out a form to exit through customs. So we rushed to fill out the form, rushed through security, and were the last people on the plane – which was practically empty. Easy flight to Cairns (which is actually pronounced Cans) and we cruised through customs with no problems.

We were supposed to be met by a car but 20 minutes later none had arrived so we took a cab. $35.00 for the trip but we should be reimbursed. Got to the hotel and our room is on the 11th floor wit what may be a great view of the harbor – it was dark at 7:00 when we got in. Found out that our day on the reef is tomorrow – we have to walk a block to the harbor for our boat. We thought we’d have a day or rest but…

We ordered a $25 cheese pizza and tried to connect to the internet. None in the room except broadband – so a trip to the lobby to check on things. Now to try to update the travel journal and maybe do a bit of school work. Alice is already asleep.

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