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Back to Bothwell after a fun filled weekend in Ridgetown. Brother back on the road for his 4200 mile weekly round trip to Utah and surrounding area. That's a lot of spreading your carbon foot print around N America. Weather remains unseasonably cool, hard to believe its the first week of June and still a polar fleece jacket most days. Putting lots of Ks on the bike back and forth to hospital to visit father in law, he is improving and will be released tomorrow we think. Purchased 2 new small flag poles in Darlington and finally got the mounts put on today so will be lots of stuff a flying over the rig in Michigan. I am playing in a golf tourney on Saturday, should be fun with brother and 2 nephews, one is a ringer, I may get the player from furthest away prize but you never know eh. Its for a hockey team I played on 44 years ago so should see some old friends as well. We may be off line for a while so here are the Michigan race questions, all answers required by Wed 12 June, this will be the final contest this trip so wish all good luck in your answers. I have changed the questions a bit to give the non Nascar nuts a bit of a chance so here goes. These are all unique foods to Michigan International Speedway.

1. What is in the tracks Pierogi Burger?

2. What is in the tracks Gravy Cakes?

3. What is in the tracks Coney Dogs?

4. What is in the tailgate pack and how much does it cost for 20 people?

5. Tie Breaker How many camp sites are at MIS

That's it for tonite folks must go and practice my swings for Saturday I;m told, remember i.m the one who doesn't play golf lol and i'm left handed at that so take care all and as I say it may be a few days before you see us back on line

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