Alaska or Bust !! -- 2013 travel blog

Beautiful views on our way out of Fairbanks


Nenana River / Tanana River

Opps ... road construction ... got the darn truck dirty after having...

Mountains coming ...

Had to stop at a craft brewery ... don't you know?

Bus from the movie "Into the World" ... nope, I didn't see...

Another "bear whisperer"

This brewery knows how to do it

Albino Caribou

My beer sampler

View from our campground tonight

View from our campground tonight

View from our campground tonight

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy ... we are heading to Denali Nat'l Park ... location of Mt McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. Need I remind those of you who have followed our TripJournal for this trip ... or maybe even for our two year full-time RV trip in '07-'09 ... I am drawn to mountains. This is the optimal ... the tallest ... the best ... the "mecca" of mountains in North America. I may just "cash in my chips" while here ... this is a dream come true for me to see the tallest in the continent on which I live.

We had a rainy, overcast day to do this trip ... so not many pics to share.

Oh yes ... another favorite thing of mine for those who know me is craft breweries. Would you believe we came upon "49th State Brewery" today, just a few miles from our campsite for the night ... in fact, almost close enough to crawl back to the camper ... LOL. It is a classic brewery/bar ... and to be honest, the best brewery we have visited on this trip. My sampler was supreme.

Tomorrow???? ... EUREKA ... we will see Denali ... count me completed in spirit in North America. All the days after tomorrow will be a bonus in my spirit. Hope to share about a million pictures with you.

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