Hadrian's Wall 2013 travel blog

Beautiful walk down country lanes.

Lots of sheep though we found out that wool doesn't pay -...

Doug is not on the phone, he's listening to the audio tour...

Beautiful day of weather. We tried to find a church nearby but could not. We walked to Corbridge (off the Hadrian's Wall path). It was a gorgeous walk around a Halton Castle and down country lanes. There we toured Corbridge Roman Town, our first English Heritage site. They had trouble dealing with our internet-purchased pass but worked it out. There was an excellent audio guide and you could climb over everything so I though it would be a good place for kids.

Then we walked into Corbridge where I thought we would do some shopping in the little shops but Doug had different ideas. I did go to a Gardener's Shop and bought something for Adele. Then we walked to Hexham on a nice “public footpath” but it was a long hike. We went to the Hexham Abbey, now a parish church. The interesting part was the crypt which was from the 7th century and was built with stones from Hadrian's Wall (seems like I read this about a lot of buildings around here!)

We were pretty tired so we found and caught the AD122 bus and took it to Chesters Roman Fort, another English Heritage site. This was a fort built straddling the wall. There were remnants of the gates, barracks and a bath house. Also, there was a bridge across the Tyne River and you could see the wall approaching the river on both sides.

We were less than a mile from the Walwick Farm B&B which we walked to. We had dinner there.

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