Joe and Ingrid's Southwest 2013 travel blog

On the way to Mesquite, NV ( our base for Hoover Dam) we stopped at Pipe Spring National Monument. An interesting, beautiful spring in the desert used for years by native Americans and Mormons. Went into parts of 3 states -AZ, UT and NV to get to our RV park in Mesquite. The trip through the Virgin River Canyon was quite a ride! A massive canyon with steep sides and steep downhills...whoo-hoo! Arrived at Sun Resorts RV Park which is just what they are when they say park...a place to park your RV. It was quite new, near a grocery store and had an unfinished condo complex of which it 's really a part. On the upside it had a great level "patio" and new, very clean showers anad laundry room. Also great hosts. Other than that you knew you were in the desert.

May 20th and Hoover Dam a 2 hr drive away. We left Colden in the air conditioning and took off. We passed the Las Vegas Speedway and bypassed Las Vegas itself...(Joe's been there and Ingrid had no desire to see it). The dam was awesome! We went down into the dam on the tour and got some great shots of the recently built O'Callahan/Tillman Memorial Bridge. The Dam is just an amazing feat, especially for when it was built. Guide told us that sometimes it can get to be 140 degrees at the base of the dam. Were you aware that it took 6 years for Lake Mead to fill behind the dam?

They're actually having a huge drought right now...Mead is at a 48 year low.

Today was that day of the terrible tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and the day one woman won the largest powerball (550 million). Incredible highs and lows. We are so fortunate to be out here doing what we're doing.

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