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Standing on the spot where 4 states meet

We made it to the North Rim!

One of the views from Bright Angel Point

We were there and it WAS windy!

View from the Lodge at the North Rim

Angel's Window on the way to Cape Royal

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

More views from the rim

It really is a canyon, isn't it?

Hi, Everyone,

So...May 16th was a travel day. It was a bit longer than we expected since the road from Page, AZ was closed heading toward the north rim of the Grand Canyon. So we had to go over the Lake Powell Dam, water was VERY low) and then up about 100 miles through Fredonia, AZ. Our north rim, National Park Campground in the Kaibab National Forest at Jacob Lake was 49 miles from the rim itself.

We did get to stop at the 4 corners monument and took pictures of all 4 corners. Stopped for lunch at a Burger King in Kayenta, AZ "the Gateway to Monument Valley" . There was a neat display of Native American WW II veterans and some model hogans to look into at this Burger King on Navajo land. After some deliberation decided to not go to Monument Valley but push on towards Jacob Lake.

On the way we went through some steep ups and kept an eye on the truck transmission which seemed very hot at 210 degrees. We stopped to let 'er cool down. Very rapid climbing in elevation 3000' in a half hour! Made it to campground at 5:30 which is a long day for us.

May 17 was SPECTACULAR !! Arrived at the North Rim Visitor's Center, elevation 9000' (over 1000' higher than the south rim) around 10:00 am. Very windy but breathtakingly beautiful! Not as clear as we'd hoped due to pollution from the cities to the South. Walked out the Bright Angel trail which overlooks the Bright Angel fault. Stunning! Visited the lodge (rebuilt in 1937 after a 1932 fire). It has a sunroom where the windows frame the view of the canyon...really gorgeous. There too is a bronze statue of "BRIGHTY' the burro of Margarite Henry's story BRIGHTY OF THE GRAND CANYON'. We rubbed Brighty's nose for good luck as the sign near him advised us to do. Figuring we can always use more good luck. Took the 26 mile ride out to Cape Royal, a twisty road but worth it for the views. It was spittin' rain and VERY windy. By the time we reached Point Imperial, we were looking down on the South Rim and FREEZING! Here we were 10 miles from the Colorado River, at an elevation of 8803 feet according to the signage.

We headed out and were treated to seeing a healthy looking coyote and a large group of turkeys on the way back to the main road. Joe checked the temp and it as 48 degrees!

May 18th we started the day with breakfast at the Jacob Lake Lodge where we did NOT but a Navajo Rug that we both coveted. Spent the day at the campground, walking the mile long trail through the Ponderosa pines and doing chores before going back in to the North Rim Lodge to hear a ranger talk about the recovery efforts for the California Condor. An amazingly huge bird that was nearly extinct but now calls the Grand Canyon one of its 3 homes in the country. The views were much clearer today, so we walked back out the 1/2 mi trail to Bright Angel Point. The North Rim is wonderful...not very commercial, very few (relatively) people.

Saw herds of mule deer on the way back to the campground. Made it back to find our battery which we'd been on for power at the campground very low. Joe took it over to the gas station for charging while we had breakfast, on the 19th. Once we pulled in the slide we pulled up stakes and headed for Nevada.

Just know that the photos just don't/can't do justice to the canyon from here. We bought the video. Let the pros take the real shots!

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