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Today, the cousins planned a re-union to Sajuna Beach Club in Akosombo. The plan was to catch up and spend some time together in a relaxed environment away from the old folks. Akosombo is about a 2 hour drive form Accra with no traffic on its decent roads. This town is home to Ghana's major water and energy source- the Akosombo Dam. Due to an increase in the pollution, there is an increase in the energy demand of the population hence, the dam is not capable of supplying the current demand. This is the reason for water and electricity rationing.

Anyway, this trip is not one of my regular trips. This was a re-union to relax and spend time with people. It didnt stop me trying to get some sick pictures and a view of the Adomi Bridge (first bridge built in Ghana) from below in a boat/kayak. I chose the kayak which was fine except that I chose the 2 people kayak. Kayaking to the bridge should have taken at most 30 minutes but 2 seconds out of the port, my partner wanted to go back....arrrghhh!!! I thought is was a joke so I convinced him to relax and let me do the paddling. It was both our first times on a kayak so we had to do some work figuring out how to work it but eventually, I got it and told him to just sit back and enjoy the ride. 10 minutes later, he complained of being sea sick (i think he was just saying that so we would go back)then started whining a lot. It was really funny but was a waste of my energy and enthusiasm to see the bridge and get pictures. In the end, I got no pictures and i can say that this is the first time a plan of mine failed. In failure, there was humor. hahahahaha. At a point, i think i paddled in circles just to scare him

Lessons from this trip:

-SOLO travels is the best set up for me.

-Doing SOLO Adventures is the best set up for me.

-Everyone has their own adventure limit and I have to respect that. I felt bad after we docked lol.

The rest of the trip was a bit boring after this point. I tried (because of time) to pay for a powered boat ride that would have take me to the Bridge and back but that didnt happen either because we had to leave. Arrhhhhhh!!! Epic Failure!!!

Had fun with the fam though but got bored in the end given that I dont like to just sit around with fams when there are other things that we could do together - Like go on a boat ride together. Oh well, still got to kayak for 10 minutes.

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