Away we go 2013 travel blog

No we are not in Thamesville but Bothwell population roughly 800. Its where Randi got a start on live so lots of visiting with friends and relatives. We only moved about 25miles and I like it. Lots of farmland small towns and old but familiar faces. Have had 2 booming and flashing thunder and lightening storms so far, something we don't see on the island for sure. I can stand outside and watch them for hours. Lots of wind turbines all over the horizon since our last visit and solar panels as well acres and acres of them. Can listen to the VIA Rail passenger service jet thru town 6 or 7 times a day as well, another sound we don't have at home. Still working on our plan for the next month looking at going to Michigan race perhaps or visiting friends a little further afoot but wont be too far. Dogs getting a summer clip this fri so will be a little cooler for them. Have had lots of good food of course since our return to Canada but belt remains at last loop still lol. Bike is out of trailer of course and enjoying the flat but smooth roads in S Ontario. Take care all and talk again after our next move.

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