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Ya man, ire ire resssspect! Mi see ya still love em tunes. This na big man things....

**cough cough**

looks like i still got some reggae left off from the 4 hour drive from La to the Kakum nature reserve. My cousin Gabbro took control of the radio and landed us some wonderful reggae tunes. We slept for half the time and spent the other half singing along with the songs. Earlier in the drive, Big homie FL asked the driver to pull up at the next rest stop for a number 2. I cracked up in laughter given that i knew our rest stops here were not as clean and sophisticated as the highway rest stops in Europe or America. Need i say more....its the third world for goodness sake. However, i was amazed when we pulled up at the first rest stop (gas station). It had no name and was newly constructed with hospitable people who allowed access to their facilities at no charge. we proceeded to walked to the toilets shocked by how neat their station was kept. Upon opening the door to the toilet, we saw a hole in the ground! Literally a pit! But a classy one tiled on all sides and cleaned well. The look on FL boy's face was priceless. I wish i could have captured it for records. hahhahahahaha. If you care to know, we didnt get him to use the famous pit so we drove to the next station that had been blessed with the more modern water closet system.

The last gas station to Kakum was about a 3 hour drive which i traversed asleep. I woke up just in time to be greeted by two gentlemen at the gates of Kakum. One sold me two bottles of fresh palm wine (delish!!) and from the other, i ordered 6 customized key chains. We arrived at the park 30 minutes before it opened so we hung around the local store waiting for the park ranger to call us. Obviously, we took some pictures and tried to scare FL boii...lol. At 10am, we began our climb to the first canopy. I expected this climb to be long but it took about 5 min. Kakum has 7 canopies that are maintained every 6 months (according to ranger) and is home to several rain forest species including the forest elephant. The canopies are about 40m about ground and exciting to be on. I looked down while climbing hoping to catch a rare glimpse of a forest elephant that might have decided to come out and play. Obviously, that didnt happen but rather, bugs and insects had a feast on my body. The entire 7 canopy walk took about 40 minutes to complete.

We hang around the park for about 30 minutes after the canopies then drove to the Cape Coast Castle for a photo shoot. Got pictures of tourists, the beach, the castle, the fishermen ad the waves. All my efforts to capture a picture of the high tide proved futile but did get some close attempts.

To wrap this trip up, we decided to enjoy a meal at a chop bar (local name for restaurant). I ordered fufu with bush meat. The waitress said it was grass cutter but who know what meat I ate lol. I enjoyed it but had a runny tummy in the morning hahah. FL boii calls my decision making , "life on the edge." Oh man

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