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Foyer of Corones Hotel

Flood management development

The extraction

24th May

We have had a mixed bag of weather for our stay. Lots of rain, some sun with cold winds.

Charleville has an average rainfall of approximately 500mm per annum [most falling in summer] The summers are dry hot days and warm nights with very little humidity. Average temperature range from 20 to 38 degrees [can reach over 40]. The winter is cold nights with mild sunny days with the average temperatures range from 4 to 22 degrees. Can experience sub zero temperatures.

There have been major floods in 1905,1917,1934,1990,2008 and 2010. In 2012 there was a major flood but the levee bank kept the town dry. Wednesday on the town tour, the tour guide was showing us the new flood water management that is being implemented when we became bogged. After an hour and half the council arrived with the low loader to drag the bus out. Much to the embarrassment of the guide but for us it just added to the adventure.

Charleville had 10 hotels. Many with grand timber structures, sadly many have burnt down, due to the drying out of the timbers in the hot dry climate. The bar in the Hotel Corones has the largest bar top within Australia. The historic hotel Corones still has beautiful period furniture [some original from Harry Corones days].

The wide streets allow for the full turning circle of a bullock train. Bullock teams had between fourteen to twenty two bullocks with five extra bullocks to each team. From Charlevile to Brisbane goods went by Bullock wagon, taking six months if the roads were dry or twelve if wet.

The historic house museum is the oldest permanent building in Alfred Street. It began life in 1889 as a modern banking chambers and managers residence of the Queensland National Bank. The bank used the building for 53 years.

Moving on tomorrow.

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