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First off, I want to give a big shout out to my boy lill Sid for finding out and setting up this tour of Northern Ghana to my specifications. I know it wasnt easy especially because plans had to be made to make this tour a very comfortable and memorable one for our Florida Boy.

Ghana aint all about the problems i have sighted in my previous posts man. I want to apologize if I made it seem that way. By far, I think Ghana is one of the funnest countries I have been to. Its home and aint no place like home.

There are many opportunities offered by a developing country in Africa. A few of these include cheap, organic, fresh food/meat and the opportunity to visit and view wild animals in their natural habitat. The zoo just doesnt cut it for me no more.

To get to northern region of Ghana, i bought a round trip ticket on one of our domestic airlines(50 min flight) which was very comfortable as compared to a 10-15 hour bus ride through all classes of roads and traffic. (not ideal!)

Any way, we left Accra on the morning flight (Checked in a 5:40 am) for Tamale then immediately drove in an all wheel drive pick up (truck) to the Paga Crocodile Pond. The drive lasted about 4 hours going an average of 130km/h (google for conversion to mi/h. On the way to Paga, We stopped in Bolgatanga to check on a local beacon school in search of donations and volunteer teachers to help provide quality education for the children in a severely poor community. It was nice to hop in a class full of happy children learning simple math and english and motivate them. Power to the people.

After the school in Bolgatanga, we drove about an hour to the highlight of my trip -the pond to check out some crocks. I was amazed that the town folks and the crocks live in harmony and respect. We bought a chicken for 25 cedis and used it to lure out a crocodile then played and took pictures with it. It was a bit scary but fun even though the chicken was fed to the crocodile (I felt very bad). Overall, it was a unique experience that go me thinking of bringing people over to see and experience it. Might just link people up with my local connects in that area.

While in Paga (6 min from Burkina Faso), We decided with no planning to walk to Burkina Faso and take some pictures. We were in Burkina only for about 30 min in the hot sun but in a border town where the people spoke most of the Ghanaian languages, English and French. I run into a couple people that spoke Ga (my language from the south of Ghana) and i think for the time being, i forgot how to speak english and just spoke Ga. It gave me a connection that i will cherish and remember for ever.

Upon returning to Ghana, my itinerary for the day had been exhausted so we drove back to tamale, got some food then got checked into our hotel room. Next stop, Mole National Park to see elephants!!

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