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In the morning, I leave for Tamale to meet up with my contacts out there but until then, its family man time. I must admit, it feels a bit weird to be the youngest boy in the gang. Hanging out with these old bloods got me thinking bout the value of a man of principle. Its weird listening to stories of life in their young'in era versus life in my young'in era. It feels as though i'm the crazy one. It looks like i am busy jumping out of planes and globe trotting and doing other crazy things but in reality, i'm like a saint. I brought up my desire to travel to Ivory coast which landed me the title of an adventurer but really though, i only take calculated risks. I like to be as safe as possible in everything I do. In a way, i understand my label. I have no responsibilities, no wife and no child so i can pack bag and baggage and sail the seven seas without looking back or thinking twice. Thats the nature of a young'in but i guess ill stick around and try to learn a thing or two from their days.

Next: Paga crocodile sanctuary then mole animal reserve then salaga slave market.

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