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Hi all Y'all !!

Well it's been three weeks from the time that we arrived home for the first time. Hope all is well on your end of this essay.

We were able to say Hi to Mike and Dawnanne the evening we arrived home and a few days later we were invited to Paul & June Howard's for a wee 4 O'clock somewhere nip and a great conversation. They were in Florida for the winter so knew all about those 4 O'clock things.

The very first thing we did upon arriving was to inform our close friends by phone that we were safely back because we could not find the power cord to our Wi-Fi Internet connection. We travelled to Summerside and purchased a power cord from The Source and found that it would not work. Next step was to call Aliant to send a service truck to Clinton to look after us and it happened the very next day. While we were in Summerside I took advantage and went to the Hospital and had all my regular X-rays taken for my upcoming appt with my Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Miller.

On May 1st (Rita's Birthday) we travelled to Charlottetown for that very appointment. We smartly walked into the Dr's office and Dr's receptionist announced "It's great to see you Tom, but, Dr is always in surgery on Wednesdays, and today happens to be Wednesday!""Your appointment is not until the 6th, next Monday!" So I put my little tail between my legs and slithered out of the Polyclinic.

One of Rita's favourite restaurants is Swiss Chalet (chicken & ribs) so we went there for lunch to celebrate her Birthday. But before we did a visit was called for to drop in on Richard and Anne Harvey where we discovered that Anne had fallen ill. Our hearts and good wishes and prayers are for you Anne please get well soon. Although you're much younger than us I still keep saying getting older is not for wimps.

Soooo, to continue the story, I did finally meet with the Dr. on the next Monday. His findings were not as severe as I figured they'd be. Surgery is not the next step. He injected both knees with Methylprednisolone and told me to go home. I took the shots like a big viral man, in fact the only thing I felt was his hand on my knee (great stuff) while he was injecting. That was until we got home and through the evening the old knees started to swell and proceeded to get quite sore. Because I was so mucho preceding this the first thing I got from my Sweetie was that, I told you so grin.......

Actually they are feeling much better in spite of the adventure I'm about to tell you all about.

You all know from our last blog that we had to leave out 5er in Winchester, VA because of a breakdown. It was going to take about three weeks to repair because the axle had to be manufactured (none on stock in North America) and we were not going to stick in this one campground for three weeks waiting for repairs so we motored home instead.

The original plan was to leave Rita home and have our son Jay return to Virginia with me. The theory being that two MAUCHO men could endure the trip down and back without worrying about comfort or pleasantries. Well, that was the theory............

Jay was so tied up in his work that he couldn't leave immediately and didn't want to say no to us sooooo Mom on Wednesday evening said " You and I are going to Virginia!" of course I said "OK". I didn't realize that she meant tomorrow until I noticed the things to take were pilling up on the dining room table. I sent off a quick note to Jay explaining our actions and we were away first thing in the morning.

You can make excellent time while driving just the toe vehicle so we took advantage of that and travelled 1,044 kilometres and stayed overnight at a motel in Sturbridge, Mass.

After a free continental breakfast we hit the road again and landed in Winchester about 2:30 that afternoon. First thing was to hook up and pull our RV out of the well sloped grass area where it was located. Well..... it had been raining for the past three days...... The jolly Green Giant would only spin its uphill rear wheel. Great, time to engage the not too often 4X4 system of the Giant. It still spun it's left rear wheel.

Is the 4 wheel drive engaging?? Well this dumb, dumb thinks so because it shows 4X4 quite clearly on the dash.

Along comes one of the Park employees , oh I didn't tell you that they were there in the rain getting soaked helping these old foggies get moving. He say's "Did you lock up your hubs?" well duh, no.........

Went at the front wheel on the drivers side and turned the switch to LOCK , went around to the passengers side and couldn't budge the damned thing. Tried it again and still no 4X4 action. Got out a pair of pliers and did a job on the right side and was finally able to lock that wheel also.

The blessed old girl slowly grunted the trailer up the wet grassy hill! It had sunk down on the tires about 2 inches.

I was completely bushed and soaked so we decided to just camp there and leave in the morning.

My original plan was to take both of us to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate with the very best Prime Rib in the world. I was so tired I didn't want to unhook the trailer again so we ordered in Pizza and were asleep before 8pm.

Next morning we unplugged and headed home (did I happen to mention that it rained for the entire trip down and back?).

Four hours later we pulled into a Rest Stop just south of Wilks-berra and when I stopped a large cloud of blue smoke came drifting past the cab. "Oh God what have I done? Has the engine blown in the truck?"

I climbed out of the cab and looked back at the rear drivers side wheel of the trailer. We had burned out the same bearing that was repaired on the trip down in November!!!!!

On the cell phone to Good Sam Highway Service! Even though it was late Saturday morning they were able after about an hour or more of trying to locate a serviceman to come out to help us. He arrived in about another hour had one look and said "I don't know what I can do for you because if we need parts its the weekend and all my suppliers are closed." So he took apart the wheel (we didn't lose it this time) and announced that it was indeed the bearing. He took all the parts back to his shop in case he could find a bearing that would do the job. He returned within an hour or so. His expression when he returned led me to believe that we were in this parking lot until the first of the week. I said "It looks as if you can't look after us today." He replied "No, I've got you looked after but I don't know how this trailer actually made it all the way to Texas and back here!"

I replied "These bearings should be able to last a lot longer than that!" Brian replied "Yes they will if the correct bearings are used the first time!" Those professional mechanics in November at Lord's Valley actually installed the wrong bearing! And I paid big time for this kind of service.............

After 4.5 hours we are back on the road again.

We pulled into a rest stop on the bypass around Hartford, Conn. on I91 at 7:30 pm after getting in 680 Km for the day! Would you believe we were sound asleep in our little bed at 8 pm????

Four am sees us up and 4:30 am we are on the road (still raining in downpours) Wasn't it smart of God to make rain fall in little drops instead of one big one???

We humped it through all day stopping for gas and rest stops until we got to the border at St Stephen about 4:30 pm. Thinking it was going to be quite a process getting through customs but a terrific Customs Officer took all the info about the repairs and the fact that this was the second trip through in the past three weeks and said "We're all right here you better get home."

Wanting to see the children and grandchildren we phoned ahead telling them we be there in Moncton about 6:15 pm. Jay welcomed us home but warned us that he and Cathy were down with big colds and we should probably be smart and drive on by. We were so tired I knew even a small contact with a cold germ at that stage would put both of us we took his advice and hope to get to see them on the long weekend.

At 8:15 pm we parked the trailer at the inner end of the driveway because the lawn was so soft from the rain. Went inside to a terrific welcome home from HeyU, he purred so loud and so long that it was hard to sleep.

Monday evening I was too tired to even go to Lodge and that takes a lot of tired to make me do that!

I shall be returning to work on Tuesday the 21st.

Thanks for letting me bend your ears for a bit longer this Travel Log.

See Y'all


Tom & Rita...........and HeyU who would really like to thank Bonnie for taking the time to look after him during the 4 days away.

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