Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

Hey Pat...Where did you leave the cooler?...I don't know

Pat checks out the mine at Misty Mountain Campground

Driving in the rain on Rt 64

Journey slurping fuel with the big guys...can you find us?

At the Cabelas entrance

Raindeer and polar bear

Wolves and?????

A grizzly defends his kill

The bear is stuffed, the fish are real

Our neighbor for the night

Since we last posted, we drove from Misty Mountain (in VA) just under 300 miles to Hamburg, PA. Then today we drove from Hamburg to Saratoga Springs, NY.

First...Misty to Hamburg. Foggy mountain road for first 50/60 miles, then alternating rain and cloudy. Not fun but 81 north is a pretty good road. Our target was a Walmart in Hamburg, but WOW WOW WOW....guess what was at the same exit....the BIGGEST CABELAS STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! AND THEY HAVE HUGE PARKING JUST FOR RV'S.....Holy Mackerel Andy, this was a phenomenal, spectacular surprise. Pat was a little excited too. We quickly parked, locked up and rushed to the door. There were squeals of excitement as Pathfinder entered the store....Pat said they were his, he sticks to the story that it was the sales force when they saw him. Anyway, what a place. Huge...giant fish least a hundred mounted wild animals...a mountain...a shooting range ...reels...rods....guns...ammo ...EEEEYYYYYYOOOOOWWWWW! A shooting shirt and box of .44 cal balls later, an exhausted Pathfinder returned to the coach. And the rain started again.

Today, we drove the 278 miles from Hamburg to Saratoga Springs. North on 81 through PA, WV and MD. Then on to the NY Turnpike to Albany, then off the turnpike and on to Saratoga. First three hours were really ugly driving. Very bad roads and very aggressive drivers. We arrived this afternoon at a great parking spot and now we are getting ready for Pat to teach tonite....that means she teaches and I wander through Wally World for 90 minutes.

Tomorrow we drive over to Vermont and up to Apple Island, where we will be until October 15th. We are really excited about meeting the folks we will be spending the summer with.


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