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Learned a valuable lesson. Check propane LP sensor weekly & replace every 5 years! Leaked all night while we were sleeping, woke up feeling like I had the flu with cracked lips, sore throat, burning eyes & major headache. The knob to the stove was accidentally bumped without lighting the burner so apparently the propane gas leaked for about 15 hours. We searched and searched for the 'smell', sprayed Febreeze, lit a candle and finally gave up. I had made macaroni salad and we decided it was the eggs & onion odor when I transferred the leftovers to a smaller bowl. NOT!!!!

We will certainly be checking our smoke, LP gas and carbon monoxide detector's every trip and/our once a week! We're not quite sure why our's didn't alarm. I pushed the test button last night and it screamed like crazy. Stan, our 'brother-in-law by marriage' told us we need to replace them every 5 years whether they are still working or not. That appears to be the manufacturer's recommendation as well. Could have been worse I suppose. Anyway, we're both still alive and doing better this morning...Praise God!

We're on the road today, heading for Ely to visit my sister Lori and Mom. Looking forward to seeing them! I'm sure we'll enjoy their cool weather as well. I've been too hot for the past couple of weeks, lol. We'll see you on down the road....Have a great day!

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