Mickey's Summer Trip - 2005 travel blog

Hi again. Here in Diani Beach, on the southern coast of Kenya. I made it with no problems yesterday. Caught a taxi from the airport and headed about 30 km south to Tiwi Beach.

I found a great hotel right on the beach. Very cheap rooms--only about $8 per night! They have a nice restaurant right on the beach, too. Everyone from the other 4 or 5 hotels in Tiwi comes to this restaurant. It's a really quiet little town--no shops or internet cafes, just a small market and the few hotels. The beach is really nice--fine white sand, with a bit of seaweed, and coral off the coast, so it's not the best for swimming, but it should be great to just lay there all day and vegetate!

I walked down to Diani Beach today to use the internet and phones. It's much more developed--everything is in German since it is heavily dominated by German tourists. Ugh! They even have camels being led down the beaches for $5 camel rides! Too funny! And apparently the Colubus Monkeys are really common here--they are black and white with whispy white tales. We saw one on the climb up Kilimanjaro. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse on the way back to Tiwi this afternoon!

Tomorrow I booked a boat trip on a traditional Kenyan Dhow boat--kind of like a sailboat, but definitely African-style! They pick me up bright and early and go down to a town south of here along the Tanzanian border to an area that was a port where slaves were exported when the Arabic slave trade was going strong a couple hundred years ago. There is still a very strong Arabic influence here--it is predominantly muslim, and the food has a lot of Persian influence. After that, we take the Dhow out to a marine national park, (hopefully will see some dolphins!) and then to a small village on a small island for lunch and the afternoon of relaxing.

Thursday, I have all day at Tiwi Beach to relax. My cab should come around 5:30 to head back to the airport to begin the saga of a journey home--first to Nairobi, then London, then Newark, then DC, then BOSTON!!! Can't believe it's already that time! The past few weeks have, in one sense, flown by, and in another been a really long time away from everyone. I think if it was a perfect world, I could keep going for at least a year, but only after coming home for a while to catch up with everyone. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing everyone! When I get back, we will definitley plan a night soon to have everyone over!

This will be my last posting--at least until I get to Nairobi airport. This internet cafe was about a 5 mile walk to another, larger beach resort area since the phones are all down in Tiwi Beach! I'm off now to lounge for the rest of today.

Take care--thanks for putting up with all of my long-winded postings. See you all very soon!


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