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Approaching Canaima

View from back seat pilot

Coming into land

Sapo and Sapito Falls

On our first day of a three day trip to Angel Falls we head off in a tiny plane, 6 seats including the pilot who is holding his door shut as we scoot down the runway - a little disconcerting! The bumpy journey takes 70 gut wrenching minutes and only manages a height of 3,500 feet - a little short on umph! Nevertheless the journey takes us across an amazing landscape of savannah, jungle, tepuys and rivers rich in gold and diamonds... real ¨Earth from the Air¨ stuff. In Canaima we visit the falls in Laguna de Canaima - Sapo and Sapito and have the exhilirating experience of walking behind Sapo - a thick curtain of water so dense that you cannot see as you navigate the slippery rocks - thankfully incident free!

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