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U2 !!!!

Z and I have a bet, please write to us and tell...

Me in front of the Intercontinental with my backpack, smelly running clothes...

Z and Stephen trying to figure out where to go in Vienna

We're leaving today for Vienna to take a look at the Habsburgs and to catch up with Steven. It's only a short train-ride from Budapest (about 3 hours), so we should be there early enough to visit Grinzing, the local area of choice for food and drinks.

We're planning to spend only a day there, then we're on to Much on Tuesday for our date with U2 Wednesday night.

I'm doing some backwards clean up and additions. First of all, this was written before we actually arrived in Vienna. When we got to the Vienna train station, I was just commenting to Z how strange it was that no one would be there to greet us after having been with family for so long. Literally about 30 seconds later Stephen (BA pilot) was next to me taking my bag. He asked if we had made hotel arrangements for the night and when we said no, he answered good, it's taken care of. So we followed Stephen as he led us through the Vienna subways to the Intercontinental hotel. We still don't know what or how he did it, but he got us a room there for the night. AMAZING!! We couldn't believe his generousity or our good luck. Needless to say we had a wonderful night sleep in cushy beds with big blankets and a terrific shower the next morning. After dropping off our stuff we joined Stephen and the rest of his BA crew for a drink, we heard even more stories about the airline industry - quite a way of life! Then with Stephen we walked around Vienna checking out all of the residences (now museums) stopping at an outdoor festival for some more drinks and then going for genuine weinerschniztel. A great night for all. We all turned in early - Stephen had to be up at 5 a.m. - we'll see him again in London.

The next day Z and I took a short run along the famous "ring road" and later rented bikes from Vienna's very cool city bike program. Of course we road a long way to a very specific park but had to turn back without going in because bikes weren't allowed inside (see photos). I didn't want to believe this was true and tried twice to go in with my bike anyway, only to be chased down by a German security guard holding his cell phone and about 3 candy bars in one hand (I should've just ran, he'd never be able to get me...) After that we picked up our backpacks from the Intercontinental and caught the train onto Munich.

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