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& there goes Keith...........last seen heading to Thailand

Think they mean 'pick your own'??

It's a bug's life!

The steamboat........beautiful!



Pangkor's hornbills, much prettier than seagulls!

13/4/13 - With no visa left & Langkawi only 45mins away from Ko Lipe, it seemed the sensible option to come here even though I was here in January. I've now been here for a few days, having to make the most of the beach (of course!) & planning my next move. Keith & i have said our goodbyes this morning & he's left for Thailand for the water festival as his end of trip clock is ticking but I'm going to hang around in Malaysia for a little while. Ciao Hun, enjoy the rest of your travels, keep in touch & stay safe!

& then there was one. Ok, holiday's over, all Homies have gone & it's time to get back to the proper backpacking lark, so I'm going to head to the highlands in a couple of days for some trekking as otherwise I'll never get off these beaches!!

27/4/13 - The Cameron Highlands - You can understand why expats made their hill stations here as the climate's lovely! After spending these last few weeks on the beaches, to come up here & feel the temperature drop, to the point of needing blankets on the bed at night, was absolute heaven. As well as the rainforest the hills are also full of tea plantations & strawberry farms so depending on which way the breeze is going depends on whether you get wafts of strawberries or tea, it was really refreshing. Did some trekking whilst i was there along with the mandatory(!) visits to the plantations, butterfly farm & one of the strawberry farms. It's amazing what you can learn in a day in the hills you know, & it all came with a cream tea, how very English! My partner in crime was Maddie from Surrey & she's heading to Medan in Indonesia to teach English in a Muslim school for a while. As it's strictly (ballroom? - No!) Muslim she neededg to get herself a head scarf so off we went shopping for her. Must say, I looked more like a nun in the one i tried on but we did have a laugh...........& no you cant see the photos! :)

Pulau Pangkor - There really wasn't much else to keep me up the mountain so after a three nights i came to Pangkor. Pankor's a little island on the west coast, north of Kuala Lumpur & i've now been here a week. I'd never heard of it until I found it in The Lonely Planet a couple of weeks ago & as I was killing time it was an ideal spot leading me closer to KL. The day I arrived was (unbeknown to me) a school holiday & the ferry was packed with locals. Got myself nicely settled in a little A-frame hut, 3mins from the beach & on the edge of the jungle surrounded by monkeys & horn-bills! Not sure what's noisier, the monkeys or the birds! The tourist traffic here is so diverse too. For the first couple of days, because of the holiday, the beaches were packed. There were loads of little fish restaurants open on the back of the beach & the sea was full of local holiday makers swimming fully clothed (it's predominantly Muslim in this part of Malaysia). So for a couple of days i'm sharing the beach with herds of people, thinking 'i'm leaving after the weekend, I cant be done with this', next thing you know Sunday comes & everyone's disappeared! All the little restaurants have been closed & i'm sharing the beach with a couple of other back-packers & a goat who was trying to eat my sarong! It's been a lovely bit of peace though & they have HBO where i'm staying so it's been movie night every night, an absolute luxury after traveling this long! (Anyone thinking of going to Burma, watch The Lady)

Onwards & upwards..............I'm now done with Malaysia (again) & leaving here first thing for KL as i've an afternoon flight to Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java. A 30 day visa & the plan is to gradually make my way east across Indonesia as far as The Banda Islands if I can pull it off. Volcanos, learning to surf, more mountains & most definitely more beautiful beaches........I feel another adventure coming on......xx

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