Kentucky goes to Everest Base Camp travel blog

The bridge at the base of Namche hill

Namche school

Namche school exam schedule

Inside a classroom at namche school no sign of electricity

View of Namche from above

Meat market of Saturday Namche market

Buy grains by the cup

Live chickens for sale

The hill to Everest view hotel

Street scene namche

Sunday afternoon, April 7, 4:30 PM EST

Still not word from anyone on the mountain. I believe the schedule was for the guys to move to Everest Base Camp today, which means that either they are still at Loboche, have no cell or Internet signal at Everest Base Camp, or are just want to torture me. It is now early morning on the mountain, so it is unlikely we will get any word until sometime fairly early Monday morning, Kentucky time. I will keep you posted, but as the IMG website reports, no news is good news.

The pictures I have posted are fairly random, but I have labelled each so you can have a decent sense as to what they are.

I realized I had spoken of guides Peter and Justin a fair amount, but said very little about Mike, who is a character in his own right. He is the author of Climbing the Seven Summits. One of our climbers, Seth, indicated that it was their bible when the climbed one of the seven last fall. Mike has climbed all seven of the seven summits at least 4 times, and did all seven in a 220 day period in one year. He knows the mountains.

I had talked about the Sherpas climbing the mountain with very heavy loads. I don't think I had mentioned that more than a few of them do this while wearing flip-flops. I asked Peter about this, and he reported that is was a combination of very tough feet, and an economic question. He suggested that if someone had given a Sherpa a pair of good hiking shoes there would have been considerable pressure to just sell them. Such shoes would have brought more than a months worth of wages, and such a windfall would have been hard to resist when a man is struggling to feed his family.

If we assume there is a problem with cell and Internet access at Everest Base Camp, and that the team made it there as scheduled, we may not ear anything until the Trekkers make it back to Pheriche on Wednesday. Of course, at the point, they will have left the climbers at base camp

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