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As it is now 4:45AM on Wednesday in Kentucky, it is obvious that my internal clock is still considerably out of whack. I was semi productive part of the day on Tuesday , but then basically hut down about 2:00 PM (which, I think, is about 11:00 PM Nepal time) and went to bed. I made myself, with some help from Hannah, wake up about 6:00 PM, and then went back to bed at midnight, only to wake up a few minutes ago.

I did get some scattered reports from the mountain over the course of the day.

A part of the group, including Martin, Chris, and Viki, got left in Debouche for an extra day to recover. The main group, including Dale, Bob, and Mary are in Pheriche resting from their hike of yesterday, and waiting to be joined sometime shortly with the missing members of the team.

Some of the team went on a day hike from Pheriche to 15,000 feet in preparation for the trek from Pheriche to Loboche camp. this is scheduled to happen on Thursday, but there is apparently a possibility of waiting for another day to allow everyone to rest some more. Apparently fatigue and dysentery is becoming quite an issue.

This is especially amazing when you consider that everyone will have climbed from Lukla at some 9000 feet to Pheriche at some 14000 feet. Base camp is at 17,600 feet. Martin and the other climbers would still have another 11,500 feet to climb after the trekkers head home next week.

Assuming everyone makes it to Lobouche, they will be "off the grid" for 2-3 days sleeping in tents. they will hopefully be taking day hikes while there to help them push the final step to Everest Base Camp on either Saturday or Sunday. The infrastructure there is considerably better as far as communication goes.

They are getting close, but apparently it getting harder each step. That is hard for me to wrap my brain around, speaking from the comfort of my recliner and warm house, and my experience climbing to Namche and Everest View Hotel with them seemingly eons ago.

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