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Line up for MArdi Gras Parade - Zumba Dancers

Part of the Parade

Theme for Parade - Route 66



Jam Music

Burma Shave Signs

Horses for Paula

Friends at the Patio next to the Pool Area

Nice Paint Job on Bike and Trailer

Friends Serving Beer and Wine

Paula and her Friend, Chief

Horse again!

Our Friend, Jan Larsen

Dawn and Mike Harris at San Tan Flat

Friends at San Tan Flat

Dick and Elaine Galusha

Paula and Bill at San Tan Flat

Cactus in Bloom

Snow/Sleet/Graupel in Valle Del Oro

Weird Weather in Mesa!

Paula and our Son, David on Arizona Hike

Paula on the Trail

Cactus League Baseball - Rangers vs Brewers

St Patrick's Day Party


Cattle on the Trail

More St. Patrick Fun

Stage Directions

Zumba Party

Rita and Corina

Arizona Cactus

Ray and Donna Mattox

Bill Bennett and Friends

Mike and Dawn Harris - at the Hop

Pine Wood Derby Track

Vehicle Inspection

Cars Ready to Race

More Cars

Check this car! Look at the Feet of the Next Picture!

Oh S....!

Sea Life Arizona

Paua at Arizona Mills Mall

General Starfish (notice all of the stars- 5 star general).


I found Nemo - and his friends!

Where is the fishing pole?

Our time in Valle Del Oro RV Park and Resort is coming to an end. It is getting warmer here in Mesa as temperatures are nearing the low 90's in the next few days. When it gets hot, we move on.

We are getting some work done on the RV before we leave, and we also are getting new tires on the 5th wheel as well. As you recall, we had a blowout on July 13, 2012 up in Sheridan, WY which caused some body damage to the RV. That has now been fixed, but I am not taking any chances with old tires. Also, I need to find time (how did I ever getting thing done when I was working for a living?) to take the pickup truck in for an oil change.

We will be leaving here on April 17 and heading up to Prescott Valley, AZ just a couple of hours north of here. We are planning to stay there about a month and then tool our way to Colorado for most of the summer. We are also taking a cruise in July, so we will limit our RVing around the US to just Colorado, Texas and back to AZ in October.

I am posting some pics of things we did in the RV park and in the area during this past fall/winter season.

Since my last post, we have had a Mardi Gras Parade Party, another 50's dance, a St. Patrick's Day party and a luau with a roasted pig. My son made a visit and had a couple of friends meet up with him here in Mesa. We took him on a hike and he took me to a spring ball game. Then, we went to Sea Life Arizona - a local Aquarium attraction.

As usual, we have made a lot of friends here in the park. Most have left here to make their way home. We all look forward to going our separate ways for the summer, but we sure enjoy getting back together in the fall!

When something noteworthy happends, I will post again.!

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