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This morning we cycled into the town before it got too hot as it is forecast to be 39oC today. We visited the Dunera museum which is in some railway carriages, the remains of a POW camp in WWII. It is very interesting as many German and Austrian Jews who fled to Britain at the start of the war were assumed to be enemies and sent out as POW's to Australia. They were highly educated architects, university professors, professionals, etc. they set up their own university whilst interned. They were released in 1943 and some went on to shape the academia of Australia. Other POW's were 2000 Italian soldiers who came later and stayed till the end of the war. After they were repatriated some of them came back to start a new life in Australia.

We cycled back before it became too hot and later got the boat out and took a picnic up the river to a little beach where we could swim and cool off. A storm was forecast for tonight and we just got the boat back and packed up before the rain came.

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