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Grand Canyon

There is nothing prettier than the Grand Canyon!!!

Grand Canyon 7000 ft elevation...a little high

These beautiful pictures just get better and better

This one is even prettier than the last one.

I (Jocelyn) took these pictures...can you believe it!!!!

Everyone that know me, know I am scared of heights...but I did...

The Painted Desert in all it's glory!!!

Emily at 4 Corners...UT, AZ, NM, CO

Happy...happy...happy...that's a fact!!!

Hello Everybody,

We have decided that today was our favorite place. Forget all of the other favorites we noted. Jocelyn is sending lots of pictures.

We survived our night in the RV Park on Rte. 160 right next to the Highway in the city of 4 buildings. We then traveled on 160 all day. We drove through the painted desert. It was not as bright as I remembered it but was told it has to do with the time of year and the sun.

We also went to visit the Four Corners Monument. The last time I went 42 years ago I took a picture of Mike and Jeff and cut their feet out of the picture so there is no way anyone can tell where they are standing. Jocelyn and I made up for it today. We took about 10 pictures. One of them is bound to show the four states.

While there we purchased some more trinkets. The person from whom we purchased was Native American and learned beading from her mother. She has a Bachelor's, Master's and is working on her Doctorate in Public Health. She told us she came home to deal with some family matters but cannot find a job in her field in the area.

Jocelyn has been talking about stopping to pick up a piece of tumble weed for the past week. I finally stopped on the side of the road today so that she could get a piece. The first one she tried to get in the van did not fit. She picked a second one only to discover that it was sticky and had prickers all over it. We carried it in the van for about 100 miles before Jocelyn decided she did not think it was a good idea and threw it out.

Jocelyn noted an abundance of trailers homes on the road, most with junk cars, furniture, appliances and traveler trailers in the yard. Also, they had tires on the roofs. She also noticed many of the homes had Hogans in the yard. She asked the public health nurse about that and the nurse told her that they use them for ceremonial purposes. Jocelyn thought they were used for smoking meat. We are going to ask again tomorrow when we go to Mesa Verde.

When Jocelyn tried to pay for her purchases at the Mesa Verde Museum Store today her debit card was denied access. She had been told by the bank that it had been compromised and they would shut it off at the end of the month. She had a melt down in the store and called the Credit Union right there. They extended the card for 15 days so all is well. She can spend the rest of her money before we get home. Maybe since she had her melt down today and I had mine last night over finding a campsite, we are showing signs that it is time to get home.

We are in a campground where we are supposed to get freezing temperatures tonight. It is right outside of Mesa Verde. For those of you who do not know, Mesa Verde is a national park that features cliff dwellings. We almost passed it by because it was out of the way but thought better of it and are going. We are not so happy about freezing weather. There is already snow right outside the camper.

After Mesa Verde, we are heading south so I hope this is our last cold night.

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