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a diner on Route 66

Having a real milkshake on Route 66

It's my turn to drive.

Some town out in the middle of nowhere.

Same town, yummy place...ugh

Starting our day out on Route 66

Same crazy city

This town had something for everyone.

We do love a Route 66 sign's my turn!!

Lots to write tonight. First of all I forgot to write that we have been through 3 border checks and never had a bit of trouble. The last one I warned the guys that he was checking on 2 women who have been on the road for 5 weeks and had done a lot of shopping. Thank God he did not ask where the rocks came from. I don't think he wanted to know.

Jocelyn is only sending pictures of Route 66 today. We took so many that she does not have room for both. We had a blast on Route 66, or should I say in the Route 66 gift shops. We traveled a long way on it. It is really fun to see how much stuff some of the towns do with it.

She has no clue how beautiful tomorrow is going to be. We are going to the Painted Desert and Mesa Verde. I don't know if she will be able to catch up with pictures. We are limited to 10 a day.

The Grand Canyon is just as breathtaking this time as last time I was here. I am very proud of Jocelyn. She got out of the car, went semi near the edge and looked over. She even went on two short hikes. We stopped at lots of spots. I know the pictures will not do it justice but we tried.

My new camera freezes periodically but today it worked great and J says the pictures are beautiful. I have not seen them yet. J's camera broke. She doesn't know whether she dropped it one too many times or she burned up the SD card. She was very upset that there was no BestBuy near the GC. Her IPhone froze as well---too many aps opened. She asked someone in the GC Visitors Center if there was a Verizon store near by. Anyway, the phone is now fixed but she hates being without a camera.

Thank you all for helping us keep in touch with friends and family. We have survived 5 weeks together and I think we can make it one more.

We are in Cameron AZ tonight. It literally has one post office, 2 gas stations and a Trading Post. I thought we were coming to a town after driving 33 miles out of the GC at 7:00 p.m. I had a little anxiety attack and called Mike saying "what should we do. The sign says there is a town and there is nothing here." He replied , that IS the town. Crisis averted, there was an RV Park across from the Trading Post.

Miss you all

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