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Fraser island was a 3 day trip driving a 4x4 in groups of 8 around the island stopping off along the way to different sites.

Our first stop was LAke Mckenzie, home to a lonely turtle who was in need of a girlfriend, made out of pure rainwater it was one of the biggest rainwater lakes around. With its own beach and surrounded by rainforest, it was beautiful to say the least.

After we found and set up camp on an Aboriginal site with tents and huts everywhere ! That night we cooked a group meal and had a party on the beach. Avoiding the dingos roaming for a late night snack.

Sunday, we visited Ely Creek aka Hangover creek which is one of the only creeks in Oz that runs along the beach next to the coastline. Crystal clear water and glorious sunshine, we all recovered pretty quickly.

We then drove to Indian Head where we climbed a rock cliff and stood at the point which allowed us to see for miles and miles along the island coastline.

Later we went to the Champagne pools whihc were rock pools formed from the crashing waves of the sea, when in them the water fell over the edges and created a champagne overflow effect. Stunning!

After a long day we headed back to camp for a steak dinner and another night out on the beach (which Frances didn't make it to, due to passing out at 10pm, RAVER!)

On the last day, we had an eventful mornng in which we followed the rubbish drivers infront of us in the rainforest and ended up being lost for 2 hours. Our lead driver was less than impressed once he found us again. Luckily just in time too, as our tyre burst as he drove round the corner.

We then finally found the lake we were supposed to be at which involved a 30 min walk to across sand blows which was home to some friendly catfish.

After we waved goodbye to Fraser island and headed back to our hostel Dingo's.

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