Vikki & Emma travel blog

us in our ski gear

our ski cabin (also know as the cave)

view from our front door

scenic view 1

scenic view 2

my walk to work

the one slope that i am not scared of!

our first boarding lesson (before the human pile up and tantrums)


Father Christmas's House

Witrh our friend Heidi celebrating 'Canada Day' (she's Canadian)

with our flatmate Sarah, again on Canada day (hence the stupid red/white...

its snowing!

the crew we work with

Merry Xmas (in July)

The lickle boy who earned me $600!

here you go folks x

piccies at last!

well there is a right medley of the last 2 months in there. I am hoping to get some really good photos off one of the guys we work with who is a lot more handy/arty with a camera than i am so i will show those off soon i promise.

ok, so what have we been up to? well on 25th July we celebrated Christmas..yep christmas. Us pommies decided that we wanted a white christmas so rounded all 32 of the staff up, got a secret santa going on, and had a wonderful christmas. Everyone had to bring a dish of food with them, and we had a lovely xmas dinner of sushi, rice, sausage rolls, roast lamb, antipasto, dips, chips, apple crumble and marshmallows...mmm mmm mmm!felt a bit dodgy the next morning, cant understand why?

apart from working ourselves into the ground, we have been out attempting to progress on the slopes. Emma & i have both had crying tantrums after our so called 'friends' took us down runs that were far too hard for us. Emma's solution was to go and book a private lesson with a hunk named Tate, mine i just stomped off home in a huff and read 'harry potter' under a duvet on the sofa all afternoon..each to their own.

also,the 3 of us have spent the week babysitting. What a lucrative little earner! i did about 5 shifts for this gorgeous little baby called Christian and earned myself a packet. Em did a shift with the most perfect children in the planet who simply got up at their designated bed time and took themselves to bed without even speaking to her and Natalie has learned that she isnt actually allergic to kids and after numerous ripped nappies, spilled milk and crying fits..she actually has a maternal bone in her body. Although both emma and i were a bit worried when we started getting messages saying 'help me!' within the first 5 mins of her first shift!

apart from that, not a lot to report...its cold, its windy and we're tired....thats winter huh?

will try and post an entry again soon

love to everyone

v, e and n x x x

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