Our 2013 Laos and Cambodia Trip travel blog

street view, Pakse

monks receiving their breakfast

Pete with Kinoy

Sabaidy 2 hostel

Pakse Wat


sleeper bus

river fish salted and ready to BBQ

Christian cemetary

we go over the Lao Nippon Bridge

lucky we don't go up this road!

river islands


heading to the sacred mountain at champasak

meeting Andy

Vat Phu - the ancient city and spring

Vat Phu










so many steps!!

cyclists-Cormack and Ann

stormy sky

The sacred lake

Monday 4th March 58ks Pakse to Champasak , Wat Phou temple

We got up early to farewell Luc and Christian on their way to Bangkok. Had a quick stop at the town Wat and then rode along the river and over the Lao-Nippon Bridge. New bitumen was being rolled at the bridge end, very squidgy under the wheels and we have probably left our tyre tracks… would not have been a good thing to fall off into hot tar! Temperature very hot already at 10am. At the turnoff we passed military looking guys at a toll booth who waved us through. To our left we spotted a very steep and hair pinned road…oh no surely we don’t have to go up there??.....we realise with relief it is the road up to the golden Buddha, as seen in photos we took from Pakse. The 38k ride to Champasak was great, a gentle downhill, no headwind , we zoomed along. We met Andy, cyclist from Wales on our way into the temple and we were impressed with his minimalist kit, everything as small and light as possible. Exchanged contact details with him, he was riding out. The temple was very impressive, and possibly it is from 8th century AD and the “blueprint” for Angkor Wat. On our way out we met Cormack and Ann, going up to the temple (we briefly met them in Pakse) A young german backpacker, Marius, introduced himself to us and we rode quickly together back into the town , trying to beat the rain. Nickie stopped at a wooden bridge to walk her bike across because the gaps between the boards were wide and uneven, big enough to swallow a tyre. Pete in the meanwhile, raced past her on to the bridge and yes you guessed it….his front tyre jammed fast in a gap and his forward momentum over the wheel buckled it. He was stuck there while traffic was trying to squeeze past him on the bridge. Fortunately we had only about 10ks to the guesthouses and the rain stopped. And here we met Andy who decided to stay in town and he directed us to a cheap and cheerful guesthouse. We had a great dinner with Ann, Cormack and Andy, making plans to ride tomorrow, to Don Khong , 4000 islands. Poor Pete stayed up to past midnight fixing his wheel.

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