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Heading to the beach bar

La Conda and chatting with Jim !


La Conda has rooms on the beach for $40 to $60.


Giant bowl if tuna salad


Pizza at the Giada!

Our Hoel The Belvedere


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La Conda beach hotel bar.

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Yes the last two days I have been having out at the pool for 2 hours a day ! I thought I was ok keeping my bandana wet and swimming every 10 min to keep cool. But I woke up and soon I I stood in the sun I new I had to keep out if it today. So we tripped around town and hung out under the covers at the beach and I feel better tonight. We had a nice tuna salad at the La Conda beach bar it was 8 buks and judge so we split it. Later we went to the Giada for pizza ! They have a great pizza oven that you can see as you view then making and cooking your pizza. Rox had coffee that was real tastey it was a buck I had ice water so the whole bill was just under $12 for the two of us.

Later we came home and a Cikada has crashed into our door. This poor guy can live 7 to 14 years under the mud sleeping until he wakes mates then dies. Sad to see him crash. We turned him back over and he crawled away. Bit stubed but looked ok. These bugs are so load they are almost deathening!!

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