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We met up in the lobby of the hostel early this morning with Kendal again, packed up the car, and headed out on a day tour south of Cairns on a Atherton Flatlands waterfall loop. Our first stop was the Cathedral Fig Tree. This thing was enormous! 44 meters around the base of the tree. It's not a normal tree trunk, these trees have a solid trunk, then branches grow roots off themselves to help support the tree. Quite amazing how this tree works. The canopy of the tree was the size of 2 Olympic swimming pools, and scientists estimate there are 1000 kg of leaves on the tree. We took pictures there and read up on all the facts on the tree, then were off to the next stop. We then stopped at Barrine Lake, which was a freshwater lake in the base of a crater. This was a nice little lake. We carried on to Lake Eachem where we watched turtles and took a quick swim. We then started in on the waterfall circuit. This was a section on road that had visitor spots at all the waterfalls on the river. We stopped at Millaa millaa falls and had a cracker and cheese lunch below the falls, then took a swim at the base of the falls. After that we headed out to Josephine falls. These falls had a natural waterslide on the rocks right next tot the falls. We contemplated for a long time about going on the slide, but eventually decided against it because the park rangers had put up flash flooding signs due to the massive amounts of rain higher in the mountain. The current in the falls was quite strong, and we didn't feel too confident about the water levels. Once we left there, we stopped at a small butchery and got ourselves some fresh sausages for supper then headed back to the hostel. We had a late supper and off to bed after the long busy day.

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