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Adieus amigo jock.

Bird tracks

Rox tries to beat the heat!

Ya baby, iced glass after a walk on the beach!

Las Breezes pool on the beach.


Out side the local store.

Lunch at El Ancla beach bar.

$2 for a fruit smoothie.



New veggie rest was good!

This guy was on my swim shorts, they were hung out to...

Rox and Jock. ( El Lagarto Rest)


Tree house hotel on beach. Book ahead 9 months. Lol about $150...

Pelican lining up fish

Pelican starting his dive. Lol

Live music and fire dancing







Usual day of over 32 and lots of sun. Last night we listened to a live guitar on the beach and three fire dancers showed up and put in a show to his music. Lots of Roxs favorite bid the Parakeet. They make a ton of noise and fly around crazy, one way , then back again for no particular reason. Monkeys are seen every day as the mangos are now ripe. Fishing is real good here our friend Ken got a 29# snook right off the beach . Then on the way home a local had a large grouper. Maybe 50 plus pounds. He had it on a cart and was pushing it for about 7 miles as dusk fell so the fish would stay cooler. Today we said good by to our friend Jock who is now on the road to Lafontuna. Life is good here in Samara Brad:) Ps just for a bit of extra excitement the family cat chases an ocelot ( wild cat they grow big ) up a palm tree. What a noise. The family cat could not climb the palm. Lol ocelet has no problem! Lol

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