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Big day today! We started out our day by meeting with Kendal again, she was starting her final month in australia. We then walked down to the jetty and found the boat that would be taking us on our Great Barrier Reef tour! We decided to go on a tour called Falla Reef Trips with captain Doug. His vessel was a 1956 wooden pearl lugger. There was a lot of history behind this boat which was neat and the fact that everything was made of wooden was even better. We had a very small group of people aboard, only 10 of us. This was great, there was lots of room to move around and he had 4 crew members aboard, so we were looked after quite well. It was a great feeling to be out in the hot hot sun and fresh air watching the huge reef tour boats go out with upwards of 100 people aboard them. Once we seen one of the big boats go by, we were quite glad we had decided to go with the smaller vessel. We had about a 1.5 hour boat ride out to our first stop. We were in the water here for about the same amount of time. The reef was beautiful! Very colourful, and thousands and thousands of fish.... And the water was unbelievable warm. The water was around 30 degrees, such a weird feeling to be in ocean water that warm. Once we finished our first location, we got back on the boat and had a great homemade lunch. We then moved on to our 2nd location called upoulu cay. This at one point just a couple year ago was a huge sand bar in the reef but due to global warming the water here is now knee deep right over the whole sand bar. The snorkelling here was great, crystal clear water and whit white sand on the bottom, which made everything glow even more underwater! Once we finished our snorkel there we packed up and had a fruit tray served to us. And then we had chocolate cake to cap it off. Then we started our journey back to Cairns and we were served wine and cheese! It was an absolutely great day out on the water! We headed back to the hostel and made tacos with Kendal for supper and called it a night

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