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Waited one year for this.

Comes right up the side of our deck daily!

Gusto Beach Bar





Rox Lovin the heat!


Our columbine friend.

Samara beach.


20 bums a night on the beach! They lick and have power!...




Note shower in banyan tree( secret)


Samara beach




Rox in the pool Belvedere.

Every day at 3:30 we have an iguana crossing!!

Where we are!!

Samara at sunset . It's still very warm after sun goes down....

Loose hires at night! So pretty!!!

Villa la Latina beach bar. Beer 1200 colonies. 500 is one us...


Brad is Lovin the heat!!!


Bathrooms at cocos mex rest



Local small trucks.

Samara beach!

Lower Belvedere pool, below us.

Beach bar

Suck me up! Very hot out . Spanish( mucho calente )

Fruit stand about 1 min away. One glass of fresh orange juice...

This fresh


Sheets to jerk heat off you . Veggie rest hotel. 48 per...

Normal gear around town!

The family car.

Pizza motor cycle ! Lol

Small squirrel! Fun to watch.


On the way to sunset bars for 2 for 1 drinks!

Samara sunset.


El Ankara rest for dinner

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Gusto beach bar live music ... Wow

(MP4 - 1.49 MB)

Beach bar

(MP4 - 1.59 MB)

Clip from store in purra Viejo. Fun shopping

(MP4 - 4.92 MB)

Live Music in the street Pureto Viejo!! Wow

(MP4 - 3.70 MB)

Live in the street free! Trombone player is blind.

(MP4 - 4.73 MB)

Shopping Pureto Viejo! For Bruce!

(MP4 - 3.25 MB)

Best bar in PV the Lazy Mon. Live music.

Had my birthday on Feb 27 at Esmeralda's rest. It was great I had 2 lobsters and we invited Ken and his wife to sit with us so we had a bit of a party. Next day we met a couple Philip and his wife Jannet for a car ride up to see the famous sunset from the Hotel Guanamar in Carrila. After sunset at 6:30 pm the four of us went to the Hula Jungle for 2 for 1 pizza it cost us 18 bucks and we spit on and then took the second pizza home for lunch the next day. Got back in town and saw a great travelling band at the Gusto Beach bar rest. Wow. Good to see some quality live music in Samara. The weather is very hot here and it feels like stepping into an oven. LOL But we love it when you see the stars at night while floating in the pool in the warm water. As you get out of the pool the air is still hot at night. Wow. Phillip and I did the boogie board thing for a bit and Jannet got me a cold beer when we took a break. The water is super warm but still taste like salt so a cold beer taste better than normal. Thanx Jannet. Next day we bumped into Jock a fellow we met on the inter bus on the way into Samara. We met at Gusto Beach for drinks and saw a super Colombian Latin band playing. They had the string on the wash bin for a bass, guitar, singers, drums, and a cool blow in hand held accordion. Love it. Brad :)

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