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So hot and sunny early this morning! We took our breakfast down to the beach and ate there - it was a great start to the day! Then we headed in to check out the historic Fremantle prison. Clint had booked a tunnel tour for us to explore. I didn't realize this was a 2.5 hr venture that included climbing down a 20 metre ladder in gumboots, hardhat, and white jumpsuit. But it was all very interesting! In the mid 1800s, the towns along the western Australian coasts were dying off and didn't have enough manpower to help build roads and infrastructure. So the government brought over convicts from the UK. Their first job was to build themselves a prison to stay in. At the time, they didn't realize they were building it over a huge reservoir of fresh water, which would later become integral to the city of Perth. Perth's water supply was being contaminated by seepage of sewer, and they were in desperate need of clean water. So the prisoners of Fremantle dug tunnels by hand in the limestone and hand pumped the water up to ground level, which was then piped into Perth. So we toured these tunnels and saw the labour these men endured. This prison was active until 1991, and in its later years was the maximum security prison for Western Australia. It was neat to see how this old convict prison played such a role in the development of Western Australia.

After the prison tour, we happened upon a market that was nearby, so Clint wanted to go and check that out. So I begrudgingly went along. We then started out on our3 hour drive in the 37 degree heat to Margaret River. We didn't realize it is a long weekend here, so the roads and area are quite busy! We settled in, found a place for supper, then headed to the beach for sunset (but we just missed it). Ended the evening with a stroll along the beach!

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