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March 1. Hastings

Today was day 3 of our build. When they told me the house would be finished except for flooring and a second coat of paint on the outside by the time we are done next Friday, I didn't believe it. I'm starting to.

The inside walls of the house will be finished in a high grade plywood instead of gyproc. Today, it all received it's first coat of paint before it goes up. We finished the strapping for the cladding (siding) and then cut the hardi siding for the short walls between windows. The soffits were finished. We got the siding on three quarters of the back of the house and part of one side. The soffits and fascia received their final coat of paint.

We have the next 2 days as R n R and then back at it on Monday.

Had a lovely BBQ at the motel for dinner. We seem to be taking turns doing that every few days. The 10 of us seem to be getting along fairly well. Today was nickname day it seemed. Chris and Chris have been coming up with them. The funniest was tonight when Chris came up with Sweet Stuff for Shirley ( because she brought dessert). Shirley is the Kiwi who manages all the Habitat builds here. I'm pretty sure if they called her that on the Build site, she would deck whoever did it!

Good night.

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