Mike and Lorraine's 2012-2013 Okeechobee Log travel blog

Beautiful Okeechobee Sunset

Ospreys Nesting in Former Ranger Dealership Sign

Mike's 5lb 3 oz

Tom's 6lb 9 oz

Sour Orange Tree

"Rocky" Raccoon

The good weather and good times continue here in (mostly) sunny FL. Although the days go by very quickly, and we seem to be busy all the time--it's really difficult to say exactly what new and exciting things we've been doing.

The guys have been fishing nearly every day, except that Tom came down with an awful cold with chest congestion, which put a damper on his fishing. A few days ago, Tom and Robin went into Okeechobee to a clinic staffed by doctors to get some help. After two shots and several prescriptions, Tom felt much better and was able to enjoy fishing once again. The fishing has been slow, and with the month slipping away, Tom has been desperate to catch that big one before they have to leave--tomorrow. Well, today they were rewarded. They left at about noon and within the first 6 casts, Mike caught a 5 lb. 3 oz. and a 2 lb. bass. After fishing almost all day, Tom caught his big one--6 lbs. 9 oz.! He was very happy, and from the pictures, you'll see that Scooter Bob shared the enthusiasm.

My sister Joan was here over the weekend, and we had a great time visiting and catching up. We took her for a ride out on the lake and saw the herons nesting and caught sight of two ospreys which have built a next in a Ranger bass boat which was used to mark the former Ranger dealership very near our park. They have the best house around! The other birds must be very jealous!!

One day last week, the guys finally caught a beautiful sunset. The lake is so huge that the whole visible expanse is draped in beautiful colors. Pictures included.

Robin and I went for a four-mile hike in on a Nature Trail yesterday. It was very enjoyable, but we were sure tired at the end. We saw an adorable young raccoon and some sour orange trees full of fruit. Evidence, but no live representatives, of wild pigs was also frequent on and next to the trail.

We had a wonderful "old neighborhood" dinner at Mary Lou's house the other night. She made a great brisket, and the rest of us filled in with mashed potatoes, vegetable, salad, and dessert. Very nice evening.

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