First Big Adventure 2012 travel blog

How the tsunami hit

Most stunning Phi Phi

Vewpoint across the way

Trekking through the island

The bay

Phi Phi Island

Tresspassing the beach

Stunning walks

The tsunami evacuation pathway

Secret bays

Slinky night life

Phi Phi Ley

The boat trip

Vikings Cave

Will, loving the kayak

Tiniest little cove accesed by kayak

Smile white boy

Mango Bay (From "The Beach")

Monkey island

Bamboo island

Tried to miss the crowd on Mango Bay

Sun set on the boat

After saying our goodbyes to everyone and giving a couple of days to sort out the food poisoning, we headed to Koh Phi Phi. It’s as beautiful as I expected but far busier than I thought. Again the quiet island from the film is now party central and so very crazily developed since the tsunami during the mid-2000’s. But still it’s so incredible. It amazes me how even after seeing so many beautiful places, there is so much more to see. And Phi Phi is just that. Will and I ended up getting to the island late because the taxi driver didn't pick us up and so had to pay 2000bht (£22) for 1 night as the whole island was fully booked. It seems everyone leaves Koh Phangan after New Year and heads for Phi Phi. Still we made the most of our first day by checking out as many of the view points as possible and travelling the island by foot. Some great places we travelled too, 4-5 different viewpoints, secret bays only accessed by longtails and on foot. We also managed to find our way onto a private resort beach where trespassing will “cause trouble” apparently but still, in the true fashion of Will’s trekking skills… we went anyway. Oh how the other half live aye!!! We did take a wander that evening around the party area but chose not to partake seems we’d been on the beer for several weeks now with parties, festivals, Christmas and New Year and my stomach was only just holding down food so a wise choice I think. We signed up for the Phi Phi Ley Kayak and snorkel trip the next day and visited where they filmed the beach. Oh did someone f…k up there. Somehow the secret map that Leonardo De Caprio had, got out and everyone was there including around 5 speed boats, 15 longtail boats and around 200 people. I’m sure it was beautiful but we didn't stay long due to the tourists and carried on with the trip. We visited Monkey Island, Bamboo Island and had some amazing snorkelling stops on the way round too and even tried to search for sharks around shark bay but we failed. Though we did have a school of banner fish follow us for 20 minutes why we were swimming, very cool indeed. With that and an amazing sun set on the boat we headed back to shore and retired for the evening. We headed off the next day so as to be in time for our diving in the Similan Islands, meaning quite a quick visit to Phi Phi really, but well worth it in any case. So beautiful!

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